Number 1 – Regular donations to Oxfam

On Thursday the 6th of February 2014 I signed up to give a regular donation to Oxfam. This is the day I see as the official start day of the challenge. No particular reason, just that is when I thought about doing it, so that is when I started. It was originally going to be 30 good things in 30 days, but I want to make it a bit longer-lasting.

Even though I said this challenge is done on a budget, I also do want to give a certain amount of money. I have always given 10% of my earnings to charity, and because my income has been erratic until now, my regular donations to charities have made up a small proportion of my total donations. However, as I am about to start a job with a more regular income, I also want to give more regular donations.

Oxfam is a charity whose work I have a lot of respect for. While they are not as well known here in New Zealand as perhaps some other countries, I became very familiar with their amazing work while growing up in the UK. They do incredible things to help people in poorer countries: not just giving emergency aid, but also helping people increase their resilience and become self-sufficient.


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