Number 3 – Offered to lend to a stranger

This one happened accidentally (between 7th and 8th of February), but I decided to count it. I was looking through Freecycle ‘wanted’ posts and saw a family seeking a 4-person tent so they could go on holiday. We still use ours, so it was not available to give away, but I offered to lend it to the family. I did not realise how much my offer would move them. In the end they received a tent from another source, but my offer made them very happy, and the fact that it made them happy in turn made me happy. I feel so amazed and inspired that what I thought was a very small gesture could actually make such a big difference to how others (and then myself) felt. Yay!

Here is the correspondence:

Me replying to advert:

Hi there, we haven’t got one to give, but if you don’t have any luck getting replies you are welcome to borrow ours. It is in good condition, no leaks or anything. It has 2 rooms and an entrance bit. Let me know, Camilla

Their first reply:

Hi Camilla. I am beyond words at your kind offer. I will wait a wee while and see what eventuates regarding a tent. If I have not luck at all I will contact you. In this day and age I do not find many people with your generosity. You have a really nice day. Anita. 

Their second reply:

Hi Camilla, I am just letting you know that I was given a tent today so will not be taking you up on your kind offer. Thanks for your thoughtfulness though. Take care and have a magic day Anita.

 I am so moved by these kind words.

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