Number 7 – Gave a hitch hiker a lift and lunch

Today, 19th February, I was on my way to work in a town about 20 minutes away. I saw a hitch hiker and picked him up. He was very grateful, as he said he had been standing there for a couple of hours already. We got talking and he mentioned he was looking forward to getting to his destination as he hadn’t eaten for a couple of days (he wasn’t hinting at anything), but then later in the conversation I found out it was ages away and he probably wouldn’t get there until this evening (this was shortly after 9am), so we stopped off at a petrol station and got him to choose a few food items. He was very reluctant to, but I insisted it was ok.

I asked him where he wanted to be dropped off but he wasn’t sure where he needed to go, he had a location but wasn’t sure where it was. Cutting a long story short, we drove out of that town for 15 mins, then had to come back because it was the wrong way after all. By then I was late for work, so I apologised for not being able to help more but said I would drop him off at the tourist information where they would be able to get him a map and hopefully his next ride would be able to take him nearer to his destination.

Even though I couldn’t help as much as I wanted, I am glad I could help him get a bit closer to where he was going. He said he was trying to get to a good friend of his who was dying, so I hope he gets there in time.


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