Number 9 – Voluntary essay marking

I just finished an online course ‘How to change the world’ (offered free through Coursera – very interesting and I would highly recommend). The assignments you complete for the course are marked by other people taking the course, and each week you are supposed to evaluate 3 essays.

However, with 40,000 people enrolled, inevitably there are people that don’t always complete the evaluations, which leaves others with unmarked essays. So today, instead of just marking three I marked six (and they were actually really interesting essays!). I did this because I know that (from the student’s perspective) it is nice to have your work valued, and (from the perspective of the person evaluating) it is not always easy to find time to complete all the requirements of an optional online course.

Hopefully I was able to help someone out who was unable to fulfil their quota of essays to mark this week, as well as offer useful feedback to the people whose essays I read. – under courses, search ‘how to change the world’


One thought on “Number 9 – Voluntary essay marking

  1. I totally understand and support what you have written. I just have finished a course on coursera and every time we had assignments i was waiting not only for my evaluation but also for the moment that i had to evaluate other peers. It was really interesting for me to have the chance to discover other opinios. Moreover i understand that all participants would want comments and advices on their essays.

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