Number 13 – Helping people with ’emotional baggage’

The website ‘Emotional Baggage Check’ is a site where you can write down your worries (‘check in your baggage’) and others will send you a message of help or support (‘carry the baggage’).  In the past I have struggled a lot with emotional baggage, and I survived because of the support I received from people who loved me and refused to give up on me. Because I know the value of support through challenging times, I try to help others through difficult times, and have used this website to ‘carry the baggage’ of others before.

I have decided to count carrying at least 10 people’s baggage as an act for my challenge, and also as the act for day 6 of the Do Lent Generously challenge. I have contemplated how many people helped is enough  to count as one act, and have decided on 10 because even though it might not sound like a huge number, I take care with each reply I give and make it as personal as possible, and it will amount to several hours of work.


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