Number 10 (Part 1 of 4) – ‘Do Lent Generously’ challenge

This is a continuation of act number 10, the ‘Do Lent Generously’ challenge. Detailed below are the acts for days 1 to 10 of the 40 day challenge.

Day 1: Start a journal – I have decided to use this blog as the journal for my Do Lent Generously challenge.

Day 2: Create a jar for change that you can use later on in the challenge – I have flexible budget (around 10% of my income) that I give to charitable causes or use to do good things, and I will use part of that for any of the generosity acts in this challenge.

Day 3: Use your skills to help someone – see post ‘Number 11’. I decided to count it as a separate act as it is something I had planned before the Do Lent Generously campaign, and I am making the act bigger than they suggest.

Day 4: Connect with your neighbours – Today I will take some vegetables from our garden to our neighbour that lives across the street. We have met a few times and had a few conversations, but it would be great to get to know her better.

Day 5: Attitude of gratitude (say thank you to someone who doesn’t usually get thanked for their work) – see post ‘Number 20’.

Day 6: Help others in your sphere of influence – see post ‘Number 13’.

Day 7: Reconnect with someone – The challenge suggested phoning someone, but I don’t have a landline and with the 12 hour time difference between pretty much all my acquaintances and I, I have decided to send a letter and package instead. I have written a letter to someone who used to be my mental health mentor and who is now a dear friend. She is an incredibly generous and wonderful person who goes out of her way to help others in her whole life. We have not been in touch for nearly a year and she is soon to have her first child, so I hope the letter and presents come as a nice surprise.

Day 8: An over the top act of generosity – see post ‘Number 23’.

Day 9: Listen to others – Today’s task is to really listen to people that talk to you and see if they have any needs. I try to do this anyway, but shall make a conscious effort to listen more in the next days, as well as be a good listener in the future. The act hints to make mental notes of what people need for future acts in the challenge.

Day 10: Announce and offer to share your skills – I was talking to some of the teachers at my daughters daycare and the subject came on to the environment. I said I was an environmental consultant and if they wanted, I could help the centre become more ‘environmentally-friendly’. They were very interested, so in the next months I will be helping them become a more environmentally-conscious, sustainable institution.


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