Number 10 (part 3 of 4) – ‘Do Lent Generously’ challenge

This is a continuation of act number 10, the ‘Do Lent Generously’ challenge (detailed further down). Detailed below are the acts for days 21 to 30 of the 40 day challenge.

Day 21: Pray for someone – I am not involved in any organised religion, and so at first I was a bit unsure about how I would complete this act. But I have hopes and wishes (for myself and others) and I direct these at a higher power, which is a form of praying. At the moment, a dear friend of mine is having a complicated pregnancy. I am directing deepest wishes and prayers of health and happiness towards her, and hoping all works out well.

Day 22: Unplug – Today’s act is to not use any screens (television, computer, phone, etc). It was challenging for me to find a day to do this, but once I picked my day, it was actually surprisingly easy! So yesterday I did 24 hours with no screens. And I had a really good time. I hung out with my friends during the day and in the evening we built a fire in their garden an talked until the early hours.

Day 23: Offer to make someone tea/coffee that you don’t usually ask – For a morning or so each week, I help out at my daughters daycare. Today, while I was cleaning up in the kitchen I offered to make a coffee for the staff.

Day 24: Make someone laugh – Through social media, I found a link to an article I found amusing and shared it with my partner, who laughed out loud several times when he read it. It was a lovely moment.

Day 25: Treasure hunt – Go to a public place and see what generous deed you can do. See post ‘Number 26’.

Day 26: Domino generosity – This is based on the principle of paying it forward. I had begun planning for a pay it forward gesture several weeks ago and completed it today – see post ‘Number 21 & 22’.

Day 27: Give someone flowers – I picked a bunch of wild flowers for my partner, to show my appreciation of how hard he works (he does shift work at the moment, and so my daughter and I barely see him it feels like, because he either leaves really early in the morning, or comes back really late). At first I wondered if they were as special as if I would have spent money and bought a bunch, but I think this bunch was prepared with even more love, because I had to go out and pick them, then trim them, and arrange them.

flowers for josh

Day 28: Guerrilla generosity – Today I visited a friend of mine who has a baby that is a few months old. While she was busy with the baby, I quickly cleaned and dried all her dishes. Having been in the same position a few months ago, I know how housework has a way of piling up with a baby in the house, so I am really happy I could do that for her,. Because even if it only saves her a few minutes, I know I was very appreciative when people helped me when I was struggling with a new baby.

Day 29: Share your favourite Bible verse with others via social media – I have changed this act somewhat, so that it is more relevant to me: I shared a video clip which has a message of great importance and is truly inspirational:

Day 30: Meet a need in your community – A few months ago I put my name down to volunteer at a local food bank. I haven’t heard back from them yet and so have written to them again, just in case they lost my contact details.



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