Number 15 – Spread the altruistic actions challenge

This happened quite accidentally, but I have decided to count it: I told my mum a few weeks ago about my challenge to do 100 altruistic actions this year. Last week, she told me it had inspired her to start her own challenge, of at least one altruistic action per month.

It happened because I had made too much food one evening and so had prepared a packed lunch that I wanted to give a homeless person the next day. She came with me as I went searching for someone to give it to, but when we found someone, I lost my nerve at the last second for some reason (I don’t know what happened, I think I was scared I might offend him). My mum stepped up and gave him the food, and he was thrilled and touched. I said it was her act, not mine, as it was her that had showed the kindness and moved him, and she said that’s when she realised it was easy to help other people, and decided to start her own challenge. She insisted I counted this as an act as she says she would not have come up with her challenge if I hadn’t started mine. So I will. And I intend to complete my original act one day, too, and not let nerves get in the way again!


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