Number 16 – Saved a hedgehog

A few days ago we discovered a couple of baby hedgehogs in our garden. The next day, one of them was lying in the middle of the lawn with flies all around it and we thought it was dead at first. Upon closer inspection, I realised it was still alive and so rushed off to the SPCA but fearing it might even die on the way there because it looked so ill. At the SPCA they told me they could not take it but that I could take it to a vet, which I did.

At the vet, two assistants spend nearly half an hour picking fly eggs from its skin and they gave it a check over. They said they were not sure if the vet would be able to do anything else, and printed off some information for me because I said I wanted to look after it until it got better. They also gave me some free kitten food to feed it with.

At home, I made a little house for it in the kitchen and by the evening it was looking a bit better. I kept it for another day and it continued to get stronger. Yesterday I decided it was time to let it go again, so I covered it in oil, as the vet nurses suggested (to drown any remaining fly eggs that might have been on it), put it near its original nest with some food, and let it go. In the evening I heard it scuttling about and hopefully it is back to full health now.



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