Number 18 – Donated to an Eating Disorder Charity

Yesterday I gave a donation to EDANZ, the Eating Disorder Association New Zealand. I picked this charity as it offers help, advice and support for parents and carers of people suffering from eating disorders, and is an issue close to my heart because without such support I would not be alive today.

If anyone reading this is affected by an eating disorder (directly, or if someone you love is) I want to give this important message: there is always hope and full recovery is possible. My parents and I were told on multiple occasions over several years and by different doctors that there was no hope, that recovery was no longer possible, that there would always be health problems, even that funeral plans should be made. Today, I am am healthy  and live in harmony with my body. Recovery is possible. My sincere thanks to my parents and friends who gave unwavering love and support.

Another great website for information and support on working through eating disorders is

I am also counting this action as number 18 on the ‘Do Lent Generously’ challenge.


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