Number 25 – Supplies for daycare centre

It did not cross my mind that this could count as an act as I was doing it… it was just something I wanted to do! But I have decided to count it because, well, I guess it was an altruistic act and also if I keep not counting things I don’t consider ‘big’ enough, I will never reach 100 acts by the end of the year! So here it is.

The daycare centre my daughter goes to does not have a lot of money, and nor do many of the parents of the children that go there (ha, and nor do we I suppose, but that’s not really the point). Parents are supposed to provide all the things their kids need, including food, nappies, etc. But I noticed on my first day that some kids don’t get all their daily supplies and that most kids did not have baby wipes (and were either having to use other peoples’ or go without when they were having their nappy changed).

And it just so happened that last time I went grocery shopping baby wipes were on offer, and so as well as stocking up for myself, I bought a couple of extra packets for the centre. I gave them today, as well as a packet of nappy bags I had once bought in error (because I don’t use them, but I know the centre will).

They were so thankful! And I am touched, because it really wasn’t anything major… it only cost me a few dollars, after all!

But as I think about it, maybe that is exactly the essence of what I am trying to achieve? By doing things that may be small to me, but which have a greater positive impact to others. Either way, I am happy such a small thing could be considered so useful and positive to them.


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