Number 26 – Baking for (140) people

I am volunteering for an event taking place at the Marae (communal hall) near where I live. Even though I am not Maori, I have been welcomed in to the community as I send my daughter to their daycare so she can learn to speak Maori and grow up aware of this aspect of New Zealand’s culture (this is not a particularly common practice). So I want to show my appreciation for being acknowledged in their community by participating in events that take place and taking interest in their culture and traditions. This weekend there is a large event on, with around 140 people coming from all over the country. I will be helping prepare for their arrival and also baked cookies for all (!) of them. I am especially proud as I am not that experienced at baking, yet I managed to create some tasty biscuits at what seemed to me like an industrial scale.

This is also my act for day 16 of the ‘Do Lent Generously’ challenge.


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