Number 29 – Signed petitions

For day 33 of the ‘Do Lent Generously’ challenge I was asked to sign a petition I care about. I have decided to search for and sign several petitions about some of the issues I care about. I generally sign petitions if it is an issue I care about and think I can help make a difference, but chose to count this as a separate act as usually I just sign ones I come across via social media, rather than actively searching for many.

The petitions I signed are:

LGBT rights:

‘Stand for a world where transgender individuals are free to define themselves’.

‘President Obama: sign the executive order adding LGBT workplace protections to millions of American jobs’

Environment & nature:

‘Prime Minister John Key and the New Zealand Government : Stop all plans to open up NZ’s coastal waters to offshore oil drilling’

‘Save the Arctic’

‘Urge the EPA to save bees’

‘Take the cage-free pledge’ – against raising caged animals for meat

Human rights & people:

‘Free Pemex Rosina and defend peaceful protest’ –

‘Fight mental illness stigma’

‘Imprisoned for distributing aid: demand justice for Yara Faris’

‘Pregnant and raped: Ethiopian woman languishing in Sudanese jail facing death penalty’ – After international campaigns, this 18 year old lady has now been released from prison and was fined US$900. I am glad she is free but think it is terrible she was imprisoned in the first place, and found guilty of indecency and fined.

‘Protect women around the world’ – For women to have access to facilities including abortion clinics (so they do not have to risk dangerous home-abortions which often result in serious health complications and even death).

The websites I used to access online petitions are:

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