Number 33 – Thanks and Easter wishes to people who help the community

This is really only a mini-act I suppose, but I sent some emails to staff at organisations that do important work for our society and who have to work through the Easter holiday. They were not particularly long emails – just thanking them for the work they do for our community and wishing them a happy Easter – but I wanted them to know their work is appreciated.

The people I wrote to are the staff at our local Mental Health Board (who offer a free service for people with mental illness or addictions), the staff at a local home for people with dementia, and the local police station.


I got a reply from the police station. This made me really happy, as I was wondering if this was worth counting as an act in itself, but after getting this reply, I feel proud to have spread some happiness (and much more than I thought, as I didn’t realise they would actually forward my email to all the police staff).

My message:

Dear Police Service Staff,
Thank you for the work you do.
Sorry if you had to work this Easter, but thank you for making sure we are all ok and our communities are safe.
Best wishes

The reply I got:

Dear Camilla
Thank you very much for taking the time to send your message, it was very much appreciated by our
staff who were forwarded it while indeed, working the Easter Holiday weekend.

Warm regards

Andrew [Surname removed for privacy]
Communications Manager


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