Number 40 – Served at a soup kitchen

A couple of days ago I met a fundraiser for a new charity aimed at helping homeless people in the city I live in. I am so excited, because the principles behind it similar to those I wanted for the charity I am trying to set up (see post ‘Number 6’), especially in that it is not means-tested.

The charity’s main aim at the moment is getting the approximately 90 homeless people in town a hot meal each night (which they have been doing for a couple of months now), but they are also helping get them clothed for winter, dental checks, medical checks, and in the government system so they can get benefits (many of them haven’t been able to as they have no ID or home address). Today, I am serving at the soup kitchen, but I am hoping to get more involved in this organisation as well. I would really like to help them write CV’s and cover letters so they can apply for jobs. But not only that, I am hoping that by getting them to write a CV I will help them discover their skills and increase their self confidence and sense of worth.

I just arrived home after helping at the soup kitchen. It was a really amazing experience. Everyone was so kind. Gentle and polite. There was no judgement at all, just people helping other people, people talking to other people. It made me feel happy that I could be part of it. I have decided to go back regularly and also bring food when I can, because even though everyone got fed I am certain more food would have been welcomed by everyone.

June 2014: I have now been volunteering with Hamilton Homeless for over a month. I cook and serve food, and am the person in charge on one day a week. I think this might be one of my favourite volunteer jobs I have had, as I have met so many different people and feel like I am really getting involved in the community. This job, for me, goes further than just giving free food to people, it is about creating relationships, trust and respect.


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