Number 41 – (Further) reduced the ecological impact of our household

I really care about the planet and try to minimise the ecological impacts of our livelihoods. I have spent some time researching new ways we could lessen our impacts and have come up with the following:

* put a filled bottle in the toilet cistern – this will reduce the water used in each flush by 3l.

* change energy providers to one that uses 100% renewable energy.

* make a habit of unplugging phone chargers when we aren’t using them, to save electricity.

* get a steel back fitted in our fireplace, to make it more efficient and reduce the amount of wood we need to burn to warm the house.


There are many ways to reduce the effects of your lifestyle and livelihood on the environment. At home, we try to buy food and other products that are local, ethical and environmentally considerate wherever possible. We use energy-efficient lightbulbs,and try not to waste energy. We recycle and compost as much of our waste as possible. Lots of things… it is hard to think of separate actions because they are ingrained to everything I try to do. That is what I realised worked for me: instead of deciding to do change separate components of my life to be pro-environmental, I aim to work my life around the concept of being sustainable, so that every action I take considers the environment automatically. (This is what I try to do. I still have environmental impacts. Many. But I try to reduce them, and work towards continued improvement).

Some websites that give ideas on how to reduce your environmental impacts are here:

General –

Food –

Energy –

Waste –



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