Number 46 – Motivation for people with mental health difficulties

Over the last week, I have been writing motivational messages on coloured paper squares. I am putting them in a box and leaving it at the mental health clinic in our city, so that patients who need some support and compassion can take one. On the box I have written the following words:

‘I’ve been through some challenging times and have managed to come out the other side, alive and no healthy and (mostly) happy. I wanted to share some support and love with people who could do with some inspiration and compassion. Each one of these notes is written with love. Love from a stranger to a stranger’.

I am guessing most of the people that attend the clinic have mental health problems or addictions, and I tried to be careful with my wording so that the messages could be appropriate and helpful to anyone.

Each message was individual, but the 100 messages I wrote were based on these 10 templates:

* Please remember to love yourself. You are doing the best you can.

* Recovery is hard, but it is worth it, because you are worth it. You are worth it! (And I don’t know you, but I know it’s true). Love from a stranger.

* There is always hope! I believe in you. As in, I believe in you, personally! You can do this! Love from a stranger.

* We don’t know each other, but i care about you  and wish you the best. Stay strong!

* There is always support if you need it. There are people who care and want to help. You don’t have to do this alone. Love from a stranger.

* Don’t give up! Recover can seem like a different path, but I promise it is worth it! Love from a stranger.

* Your identity is not defined by your problems and flaws. You are so much more than that! 🙂 Love from a stranger.

* A step back does not mean you’ve failed. It does not cancel out all previous steps forward. Stay strong!

* There is always hope, even if it doesn’t feel like it. You are strong and can overcome your struggles. Love from a stranger.

At the end of each note is the symbol I have been using as a kind of signature for a lot of the actions I have been taking recently, which is a peace sign inside a heart. I didn’t really consciously create this symbol, but I find myself drawing it at the bottom of the different messages I have written to people during my actions because it seems to naturally summarise what I am hoping to spread: peace and love.


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