Number 48 – Adopted a cat

Last week, we adopted a homeless cat. He was found by my partner’s sister who put up signs saying ‘missing cat’, but with no response. A few people said they had seen the cat wandering around for a couple weeks.

So we have taken him in to our family. He is very friendly and affectionate, as well as tolerant of our one-year-old who wants to squeeze and sit on him at every opportunity. The day after tomorrow we are getting him de-sexed, which I feel quite strongly about as there are so many cats that get neglected or put down each year because people want a kitten but not a whole litter. By de-sexing him I feel I am contributing (even if it is just in a minor way) to there being fewer homeless kittens, and more opportunities for older cats to be adopted.

We have called him Frank after St Francis of Assisi, the patron Saint of animals (and because we are watching the TV series ‘House of Cards’, and the main character -Frank- is very manipulative and seems to get whatever he wants… just like our Frank).

2 weeks later and unfortunately Frank no longer lives with us. When I took him to the vet to get sterilised it turned out he was already micro-chipped and registered owners. The vet asked if it was ok to contact the original owners, who were very happy to have him back. Apparently he had run away several times since they first got him (which is ironic, as he always came back to us), so they also gave the owners some tips and advice on how to get him used to their home.

I was sad to see Frank go, which surprised me as we only had him a couple of weeks. But it has reminded me how nice it is to have a cat in the house, and so we are looking in to adopting another one from the local animal shelter. We went to have a look but there were only good looking cats and kittens, and we have decided to wait until a child-friendly but perhaps not first-choice-for-adoption cat comes along, so that it can end up having a ‘forever home’ after all.

A month later again, and Charlie the cat has moved in with us. She is a big lady cat who has been visiting us for a long time and after no success in finding her owners (as well as her losing weight over time), we have decided she can move in with us. She is very friendly, and patient with my daughter.


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