Number 51 – Pushchair for mama-in-need

I learned today that one of the mother’s at my daughter’s daycare doesn’t get to bring her child in very often because she lives far away and has neither car nor pushchair, so unless she gets a lift she has to walk carrying her child. I know how heavy kids start feeling when you’ve been carrying them for a hundred metres, yet alone the several kilometres she has to walk.

So as soon as I dropped my daughter off I went to the second hand shop at the recycling centre and bought a shabby but functional pram for $20. I spend several hours cleaning it and patching it up, so that it looked nice.

On the card I wrote

‘To the mama who doesn’t have a pushchair. I know this one isn’t great, but I hope it will be useful until you can get a new one’

I dropped it off at the play school and asked the teachers to give it to her.


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