Number 54 – ‘Random Act of Kindness’, passed on a parking permit

Yesterday while I was in town I purchased a parking permit for 1 hour of parking, but only ended up needing 10 minutes. As I returned to the car, I looked around for someone to give it to and managed to stop someone purchasing a new permit just in time. When I gave him my permit he was really grateful.

While this act is not something spectacular, I rarely find myself with the opportunity to do this (as usually I am running back to the car park with seconds to spare before the permit expires) and so I decided to count it as an act, even if it is just a mini-act.


2 thoughts on “Number 54 – ‘Random Act of Kindness’, passed on a parking permit

  1. Trust me, you TOTALLY made this person’s day. When I lived in Leeds, occasionally someone on the last trip with their day rider would ask around if anyone at the stop could use it. I felt so awesome when I was the recipient, and also awesome when I was able to pass my day rider along. Little thing? Maybe. Totally awesome? Yes. ❤

    1. Thanks Kat. I used to try and do the same day riders in Edinburgh! 🙂 It is such a small way to help someone out but it does make both the giver & receiver feel great. Thanks for making me appreciate this act more x

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