Number 55 – Medicine money for a stranger

Yesterday, Saturday, while I was out I saw a man ask a few people if they had any small change. He walked past me, but I stopped and asked him how much he needed. He said he wasn’t sure, but he needed to get a prescription for painkillers as he had recently had a tooth operation and needed medication to manage the pain as the dentist was closed until Monday. He explained he lived in the country and there was no pharmacy there, so he had come all the way to town but upon arriving here had realised he had left his wallet at home.

Regardless of whether this story was true or not, I decided I wanted to help him out. Because if it was true, then I would do it, and if it wasn’t true, he was still in a position where he needed to ask people for money. So I gave him all the change I had on me, which was about $8. He had a couple of other coins as well, so hopefully he had $10 – enough to get 2 prescriptions.


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