Number 58 – Facilitated volunteering to help a refugee family

This action required such little time and effort from my part I was not sure whether to count it or not. But I have decided to add it to my list after all, because it is an example of something pro-active that can be done with barely any resources (just a little time and research).

A while ago, my step-mother-in-law mentioned to me that she was interested in volunteering to help refugees settle in to their new home and get to know the local area. Then last night I was at a networking event for work and I met someone who works with refugees. She told me the person to contact regarding volunteering, and then all I needed to do was spend a little time on the internet finding his contact details and passing them on to my step-mum-in-law.

Volunteering with refugees in New Zealand:

Helping refugees around the world:


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