Number 61 – Helping getting gardening into school curricula

For my pro-bono project at work (see post ‘Number 60’), I am working with an 80 year old lady who has taught gardening at schools her whole life and would like to make sure this continues in the future and becomes more widespread.

So far, I have been researching different initiatives and funding opportunities available to schools to help them establish gardens. My plan is to connect her with one of these organisations (Garden To Table), and then help make the initiative more accessible to schools by appealing to government to make grants available that will allow them to access the organisation’s resources. Even though Garden To Table is a not-for-profit there are considerable costs for schools that wish to get involved (as they offer a very comprehensive programme and there are therefore a lot of running costs). My vision is the government grants will help this financial burden be lessened and so more schools can get the resources and support they need to help them build and maintain productive, effective school gardens. – the benefits of school gardens


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