Number 62 – Picked up, sorted and distributed large clothing donations

It is difficult knowing what to count as new acts and which are now routine acts when it comes to my work with Hamilton Homeless (the charity I started working with ‘many acts ago’). I keep having lots of new responsibilities I did not have before I was involved, but they are also part and parcel of my personal volunteering commitment to them, so knowing what to count is tricky.

I decided to count this as it took me a considerable amount of time -multiple hours- to complete and also has left me without use of one of the rooms in our house for a number of weeks (as it is now a temporary storage facility). So my act is that I collected, sorted through and then helped distribute huge volumes of donated clothes and shoes.

Over the past weeks I have been collecting from various donors bags and bags, and boxes and boxes of clothes that are to be distributed to the patrons at the soup kitchen I run. It is so wonderful that there are so many generous people and it is clear some of them have actively searched through their clothes to find suitable garments when we made an appeal for warm coats, jumpers and socks. There are so many problems and issues in the world that it is easy to get overwhelmed by the negativity, but I have discovered so many people care about others, and show compassion and empathy. There is a lot of kindness and love in the world, really.


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