Number 65 – Promotion and public communications on behalf of a poverty relief charity

Hamilton Homeless Trust, the charity I have been volunteering with for the last 6 months, has recently undergone some changes and difficult times as the Chair resigned but then spread some unkind (and untrue) rumours. While it turns out she did not mean them and was just upset at the time, they have been quite damaging to the organisation’s reputation, and all the volunteers have suffered a dip in morale.

To try and explain the situation to the now disillusioned and misinformed supporters, as well as restore the reputation of the Trust and it’s hard-working volunteers, I spent a(n entire) day responding to messages and promoting the charity’s positive work. By the evening I was emotionally exhausted after spending hours defending myself and others who are just trying to help people, but it turns out it was worth it, as since then the influx of accusing and unkind messages has been reduced to a trickle and the positive feedback from our work is rising to its previous levels.



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