Number 69 – Support for the Green Party

Elections are coming up next week in New Zealand. I have always voted and been interested in politics, but I have never (financially) supported a political party before. But the Green Party in New Zealand really represents the values I stand for. And because of the voting system here, they are proportionally represented (at least more so than the system in the UK); so the more supporters they can get, the greater their power in government. So I just gave my first political donation.

I am not advocating a particular political party or cause, just writing about my personal actions (though I’d like to live in a society that is less unequal, cares for all people, promotes peace and is considerate to the environment. And I tend to encourage people to vote for parties and generally support organisations, institutions and movements that aim to do that 😉 ).I believe voting is important as it shows we care about the world we live in (even if you don’t agree with any of the parties, you can sabotage your ballot paper: so that it is counted and they know you care, but also know you aren’t happy with the available choices).

Creative ways to sabotage your ballot paper –

Questionnaire to help discover where you lie on the political spectrum –


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