Number 74 – Conservation volunteering

A few months ago I participated in a tree planting event (act number 47), where a thousand volunteers planted 30,000 native trees and bushes. That is an annual event. Throughout the rest of the year, a group of volunteers meet on a regular basis (some weekly, some monthly) to tend to the plants; making sure they survive and carrying out general conservation work.

Yesterday, I joined that group and spent a half-day ‘releasing’ plants (making sure they are not being overwhelmed by grasses or weeds), which was fun and I actually learnt a lot (for example, I learned how to flatten grass surrounding a plant in a circular motion, which then creates a layer of mulch and prevents more weeds from growing around the plants).

I also found something amazing – as I was walking through a swampy patch, I saw a pukeko fly away and then a few moments later found a nest with about 12 eggs in it!

Number 73 – Branding and marketing work for a charity

A fellow volunteer and I have been put in charge of marketing and branding for Hamilton Homeless Trust, the charity I started volunteering with in February (see Number 40). For this I designed the logo for the charity (which my co-volunteer then got professionalised), and I have also been put in charge of writing the content for our upcoming website.

This is the logo:


The upcoming website will be

Number 72 – Write Oxfam New Zealand’s environmental education material

I had filled in a volunteer registration form for Oxfam and shortly afterwards received a phone call with some great news. Oxfam NZ is currently writing environmental education material and asked me if I could join their small team who are working to adapt the materials from Oxfam UK into ones relevant for New Zealand school children (I had mentioned on the registration form my interest/experience in environmental education and sustainability). The project will probably take a few months and may lead to other projects as well.

I am very excited and so happy to do this, as writing sustainability education material to engage young people in environmental and social is exactly what I want to do with my life – yay!

Update: Here are the new materials:

Number 71 – Started the process of becoming a foster/adoptive parent

For years and years I have wanted to become a foster or adoptive parent. My partner and I have talked about it several times and I have done a fair bit of research. We have started the process once before but withdrew our application as we realised half way in that the organisation were only looking for foster parents with strong Christian values and practices. But this time it looks much more promising and we are really excited! 🙂

The process of becoming a foster parent (especially for long-term and permanent placements) is long but at least it has begun, and we hope to be welcoming another little person in to our family some time next year.