Number 76 – Treats and educational materials for children on Hallowe’en

The 31st of October is a spiritual day for me. While living in the Northern Hemisphere, I celebrated Samhain: a festival marking the beginning of the darkest part of the year; the coming of winter, and; the death of nature (which will return to life in Spring).

Now living in the Southern Hemisphere, I am still getting used to Samhain/Hallowe’en being in Spring rather than Autumn. It does not seem appropriate to celebrate Samhain here, because of the season, but nevertheless I wanted to do something relating to connecting with nature or people… I wanted to pass on some Samhain/Hallowe’en wishes.

So I put a sign on our door reading ‘Happy Hallowe’en’ in hope that it would attract Trick or Treaters (it worked!) and then when children came I gave some sweets (lollipops and some little flavoured vegetarian-jelly pots) and activity booklets aimed at engaging children with environmental issues (specifically protecting native trees and other conservation work). It was only a small thing to do, but the children were so excited when I said I had treats and seemed so happy with the activity booklets that I am counting this as an act, because maybe -hopefully- I managed to spread a little love for nature and bring even just a little essence of why I celebrate Samhain/Hallowe’en to New Zealand.


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