Number 87 – Voucher for presents for a struggling family

There is a family that comes to free food servings every night. Twice a week they walk for 30-40 minutes each way. The other five times a week they walk for over an hour each way. The father is searching for work, the mother is keeping the house, and their two children are polite and helpful. We live in the same area and whenever we pass each other they wave enthusiastically or call my name to catch my attention.

I do not want to offend them in any way, but they must be really struggling financially if they walk for over two hours to get a plate of pasta and tomato sauce. I have grown to know and care about them, and have been thinking about if there was something small but meaningful that I could do for them. I did think about getting the two children something for Christmas, but didn’t know what to get: so I bought a voucher for a shop (a large retail outlet that sells all sorts of things, including clothes, toys, home and garden wares, etc).

My plan is to write a card for the parents saying how happy I am that I met them, get a few of my friends (who also volunteer with me at Hamilton Homeless Trust) to sign it -and one mentioned also adding some credit to the voucher- and then giving it to them in the next week or so; in time to buy any things they need.


I decided to get gifts for the children after all. Someone gave me some toys to pass on to children, and among these was a big toy truck that opens in to a car race track. I have wrapped that and will give it to the boy on Sunday. For the girl I have a beautiful summer dress that was passed on to me, and is still new with tags.

I hope they like them!


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