Number 88 – Extra volunteering during the holidays

The soup kitchen charity I volunteer with, Hamilton Homeless Trust, serves free food 365 days a year. We are a new charity (starting our daily serves in February 2014) and this is our first major holiday. Of course, many of our dedicated and reliable volunteers are taking a well-deserved break, and I have been moved and inspired by the number of people who have come forward to volunteer their time on or around Christmas and new years to serve food to our patrons.

While there seem to be enough (just about!) general volunteers on most days, there are some days that are short on cooks and/or co-ordinators (experienced volunteers who can lead the food serving). To make sure the servings can happen each day, I have decided to take on all the extra days I can where cooks or co-ordinators are in short supply. I am counting this as an act as it means a lot more extra hours than usual and because I consider it ‘meaningful’ (as without it there would be nights where the food servings would struggle to take place).


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