Number 89 – Joined the couch-surfing community

Yesterday I signed up with Couch Surfers. It is a social networking site where people can offer spare beds or sofas to travelers and/or stay with people hosting their spare bed or sofa. It is free for the travelers to stay with the host and the whole idea appeals to me because:

a) it makes travelling more affordable, which means people are more able to do it (which in turn leads to a population that is more educated about, experienced in and aware of different cultures and peoples).

b) it gives a person opportunities to meet new people, including people from backgrounds they might otherwise never interact with (which in turn can lead to people becoming more open-minded and compassionate).

I have counted this as an act as I created the account to be a host (rather than a traveler/couch-surfer) and because I see the organisation encouraging the creation of a global community.


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