Number 90 – Secured land and wrote proposals for a community garden project 

Back in September this year (2014) I heard about a business that had some unused land they wanted to offer to a community group. I told Hamilton Homeless Trust about this opportunity and they were very excited by the idea of building a productive garden that would grow produce for their food servings. Over the next weeks I contacted the owners of the land and since then have also helped with the writing of a Memorandum of Understanding between Hamilton Homeless Trust and The Olde Creamery (the business that owns the land).

In the last month, I helped write a detailed plan and proposal for the creation of a productive garden exemplifying sustainable food production techniques, and also wrote several sub-proposals – including ones for general volunteers, schools and tertiary education institutions (as it is hoped all of these will become involved in the project).

I am particularly happy with the proposal for schools as I included information about the benefits of gardening to young people and a section detailing all the links to the New Zealand National Curriculum (the gardening project is connected to the work of Hamilton Homeless Trust, so there are cross-curricular links and unique opportunities for students).

The creation of this sustainable, productive garden is now underway, and by next spring the project will be fully operational.

The business giving us use of their land is The Olde Creamery, a Conscious Consumers eatery


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