Number 95 – Tokens of appreciation for people working in the community

I bought a pack with lots of little Fair Trade candles. They are handmade by villagers in Chang Mai, Thailand.

I wrapped each of them up and stuck labels on them (all with similar messages, such as ‘Happy Christmas, thank you for your work in the community’ or ‘Thank you for helping people, happy Christmas’) and gave them out to some of the people I feel are doing great work to help others.

The list of people, organisation and services I appreciate is vast and sadly I was only able to show my appreciation to a small proportion of them. The people I gave candles to are:

* Staff and volunteers at the Red Cross (

* Staff and volunteers at the Hospice Waikato (a service of care for people who are dying –

* Staff at Women’s Wellness (a free service to help women needing support –

* Staff at the Refugee Orientation Centre Trust ( While I was there I also put my details down to be a volunteer researcher for them next year.)

* Staff and volunteers at Save the Children (

Fiartrade candles


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