Number 101 – Giving my daughter’s cloth nappies away, to be used by someone else

I used cloth nappies for my daughter. Now that she no longer uses them, I want to pass them on to someone else that will; so their purpose (of reducing the number of disposable nappies sent to landfill) can continue.

I asked my midwife if she knew anyone who could use them, put an advert up through ‘The Koha Shed’ (‘The Koha -gift/present in Maori- Shed’ is a free shop run from someone’s garage, where people can give and take as they require) and posted it on our local Freecycle network.

Today a lady replied to my Freecycle post and her tone was excited. I have a lot of cloth nappies, inserts and liners and have been debating for quite some time whether to sell them (I could easily get a couple of hundred dollars for all of them) or give them. I have decided to offer the lady as many as she would like and then maybe sell the rest. I am happy with this arrangement because then I have done something positive by helping a new mama get free cloth nappies (as many as she needs), but can also possibly earn something from the remainder.

Freecycle –

The Koha Shed – – about different nappies. Both cloth and disposable nappies have an environmental impact, though cloth nappies can be up to 40% better for the environment (according to research by the UK Environment Agency). According to, it takes a cup of crude oil to make the plastic for each disposable nappy, as well as up to 3.5 times more energy, 8 times more non-renewable raw materials, and 90 times more renewable materials than cloth nappies.


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