Week 9 – Endangered animals (World Wildlife Day)

I am a bit behind with writing up my actions, but on the 3rd of March it was World Wildlife Day.

What I discovered

For World Wildlife Day I read about different endangered species. I learnt about several species native to New Zealand that are on the brink of extinction, as well as others around the world that are in the same position. Some were well-known or charismatic animals, and others I had never heard of and would not traditionally appeal to people (often these are the hardest to protect, even when they are vital to ecosystems).

I also familiarised myself more with the different conservation status’ of species, and how the vulnerability of species is evaluated (e.g. critically endangered, vulnerable, etc).


To contribute towards World Wildlife Day and engage my friends and acquaintances I posted the following on my Facebook page:

Hi friends! A couple of days ago was World Wildlife Day and our family is raising money for WWF. For every ‘like’ this post gets we’ll donate $1, and here is the link to their website where you can check out the cool work they are doing: http://www.worldwildlife.org/

29 people ‘liked’ the post, and I hope at least some of them also took a few minutes to read up about some of the issues wildlife around the world faces.


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