Week 12 – Research for environmental education

Environmental education is my passion and at university I was engaged and involved with research in the field. I have still kept reasonably up to date with research, so that I am familiar with new methods and models for effective teaching, though it is a while since I have contributed to academic discussions.

This week, the opportunity to peer-review an article for potential publication was offered to me, and so I decided to count it as this weeks education and action.

What I discovered

The article I read was about how emotional engagement and values development are related, and looked at how pupil-led learning resulted in children becoming interested in and the advocates for different issues relating to sustainability. The research involved pupils developing their own sustainability-related research projects and then presenting it to their class mates, and the study found that as children became emotionally engaged with issues, their values developed, and their sense of responsibility and advocacy increased.

To me, this article was interesting because I have believed for a long time that values development is an essential part of becoming more environmentally-considerate citizens (rather than just changing behaviours or increasing knowledge of different issues). Learning the importance of emotional engagement in values development will be useful in my future environmental education work.


I peer-reviewed an article prepared for publication. I gave positive and constructive feedback to the author which will hopefully help the article be published and many more people learning about the research and findings of the study.

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