Week 30 – Rainbow Warrior

Since moving to New Zealand I have learned the story of what happened to the flagship of Greenpeace, the Rainbow Warrior. In 1985, French intelligence officers sunk the ship in Auckland harbour as it prepared to protest French nuclear testing in Moruroa (an island in the Pacific Ocean). One person was killed in the attack, and the event has shaped foreign and domestic policies in New Zealand.

On the 10th of July it was the 30th anniversary of this event, and the Rainbow Warrior III was in Auckland harbour preparing for her next journey. The ship was open to the public and so my daughter, a friend and I went to see her.

What I discovered

I discovered that taking a 2 year old and an adult in need of support on a ship when it is raining is rather stressful, and I spent more time trying to make sure neither would fall over (or overboard!) than listening to what the Greenpeace tour guides were saying.

However, it was a super experience, and I discovered that the Rainbow Warrior III is an wonderful example of sustainable ship building, with every item being transparently and ethically sourced.



I increased my monthly donation to Greenpeace to help fund this voyage and their other work.


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