Week 43 – Guerilla gardening

Guerilla Gardening is gardening or land that you don’t have legal rights to cultivate. Most frequently, guerilla gardeners plant on abandoned or disused land… either beautifying it or making it productive.

What I discovered

Recently I converted the berm outside our house (which is council owned) in to a productive garden that grows a variety of vegetables. The food can be harvested by anyone, and anyone can help manage it. Since then, I know a number of other people have transformed their berms, and I have also become aware of others who have cultivated on council-owned patches of land.

I realised that guerilla gardening is actually everywhere; from the flowers planted next to an electricity pole outside their house, to meeting a gentleman who has slowly planted more than 5000 native plants on a piece of disused council land, creating a sanctuary for local wildlife.

While I was reading up to prepare this post, I watched videos and read articles about individuals and groups in different countries who have been transforming their neighbourhoods, and I’ve come to the conclusion that guerilla gardening must be one of the most positive and productive forms of protest around!


Myself and a group of friends have created an informal guerilla gardening group. If there are people in our city that wish to transform their berm or somewhere else, all they need to do is email us 🙂 (sorry, I can’t put contact details here!)