World Fair Trade Day

Last Saturday (13th May) was World Fair Trade Day. Fair Trade is a social movement seeking wages and working conditions that are ethical and fair. Where agriculture and primary production is involved, it also seeks to ensure environmentally sustainable practices are upheld.

unnamedIn the city I live in, Kirikiriroa/Hamilton, we had a number of events on to celebrate World Fair Trade Day.

One was a ‘Fairtrade Banana’-themed picnic, where I had the most delicious banana-based baking and smoothie.

Another was a ‘open day’ at our local fair trade shop, Trade Aid, where we could sample fair trade products, listen to local and world music, and learn about the different suppliers of the Trade Aid shop.

Fern (my 4 year old) and I went with a few of our friends, and it was a really nice family-friendly afternoon.

The World Fair Trade Organisation have developed a resource for ideas on running your own Fair Trade Day event, for people who might want to organise one in the future 🙂fair trade


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