Meathooked and the End of Water

This evening I went to a screening of Meathooked and the End of Water by VICE (who do some really brilliant documentaries – please check them out if you don’t already know them!)

The video has one graphic scene that some would find emotionally-charging (ahem, I did. My 4 year old was unphased, though). However, it is not your average stop-eating-meat-because-it-is-cruel-and-evil kind of documentary. Instead, it looks at the features of industrial agriculture and explores the unintended environmental impacts that result.

It especially looks at water and other resources that are needed to mass produce livestock to meet current demands, and talks to farmers and other people who are worried about what is going to happen once they run out of water (which for several people interviewed in the film will be happening quite soon!).

It is just short of half an hour long, and worth watching for anyone who eats food (i.e. pretty much everyone).

I would say ENJOY, but it isn’t really that kind of film. Perhaps more suitable would be WATCH, BE MOVED, then ACT 🙂


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